First Church Preschool
First Church Preschool

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The Pre-K Program (also referred to as "Connecting Program")

The Pre-K Program is specifically tailored for children who have completed a 4 year old preschool program and who are eligible to start kindergarten, but who, after careful consideration from parents, teachers and/or other early childhood professionals, are deemed likely to benefit from delaying starting their kindergarten experience.

The First Church Pre-K Program offers curriculum that has been designed to be challenging, developmentally appropriate and taught in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and nurturing. The curriculum will focus on activities such as language arts, mathematics, science, physical education and social studies. Upon finishing the program, children will be confident and prepared to enter kindergarten.

The academic components have been organized to prepare the children for elementary school. Children in the program will learn Everyday Math and Phonics and Friends, which are the math and pre-reading programs used in the Greenwich Public Elementary Schools. In language arts, the beginnings of writing will be encouraged. The children will become familiar with comparisons, spatial relationships, letter name recognition and sound discrimination. Daily program activities and opportunities will foster the development of hand/eye coordination, left/right progressions and organizational skills. In science, children will participate in hands-on activities that pique their natural curiosity. Children will use their senses to observe their physical environment, predict outcomes and know the excitement of discovery. In social and emotional development, children will continue to gain confidence, learn independence, and accept responsibilities. The program also provides daily outside recreation and bi-weekly formal music and movement program.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 2:00PM . Children bring their lunch

We are a nut-free program. No peanuts or peanut products, and no tree nuts.